Glendon Charles Smedley ❌ not elected

Glendon is a rally regular. He’s a fan of christofascist preacher Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, COVID conspiracy theories, Maxime Bernier, Jeremy MacKenzie/Diagalon, Rebel News, Chris Sky, and what appears to be every popular far-right influencer in Canada. He seems to think that Residential Schools weren’t such a big deal and climate change is fake.


Ron Cannan ✅ elected

Brian Rogers ❌ not elected

Brian is a former PPC candidate, antivaxxer, and fan of far-right influencer Viva Frei.

Chris Williams (Spirit Alliance)
❌ not elected

Sacheen Collecutt (Spirit Alliance)
❌ not elected

Spirit Alliance is a new political organization of dubious origin. Traditional conservative “tough on crime” values coupled with a complete inability for candidates to coherently discuss vaccinations, LGBTQ2S+ rights, and other hot topics is pretty big clue that they aren’t as close to the political centre as they claim to be.

InfoTel: Kelowna’s new political slate is right-wing — but how right wing?

Spirit Alliance used a lot of conservative weasel words during the municipal election period. Since elections ended, they’ve gone full mask-off in their support of the far right.

School trustee (SD 23)

Chris Fieber (Parents Voice BC)
❌ not elected

Tovey Demman (Parents Voice BC)
❌ not elected

Teresa Docksteader (Parents Voice BC)
❌ not elected

Lee-Ann Tiede ✅ elected

Lee-Ann is against SOGI123 and vaccinations.

Erika Shephard ❌ not elected

Erika is a big fan of convoys and the far right.

For more:

Kelowna’s new political slate is right-wing — but how right wing?

Mysterious slate of right-wing school board candidates on Vernon, Kelowna ballots

Bonus: A few convoy groups told their buddies to vote for Tom Dyas. Probably not the right call.

This is Parents Voice BC

Parents Voice BC is a social conservative party that shelters anti-SOGI 123 activists, transphobia, religious fundamentalism, the convoy/freedom movement, and COVID-related conspiracy theories. Parents Voice BC is recommended by Action4Canada.  

Action4Canada promotes far-right extremism based in religious fundamentalism. From their website: “Our mission is to protect Canada’s rich heritage which is founded on Judeo-Christian biblical principles. Inherited through our British Commonwealth and embedded in the Magna Carta, these principles form our laws and values and are the basis of a system of governance that sets us apart from totalitarian, extremist and communist regimes.” (Others might describe that as “white supremacist-flavoured Christofascism.”) They rally against SOGI education, LGBT2S+ rights, Islam, abortions, climate change science, immigration, and 5G. Action4Canada predates the pandemic, but quickly began rallying against public health mandates, vaccines, and basic medical science.

New B.C. party pushing school board candidates with anti-vax and conspiratorial views

Not Exactly As Advertised – How An Antivaxx/Conservative Alliance Is Organizing To Take Over B.C. School Boards

New B.C. school trustee slate has ‘freedom fighters’ and pro-SOGI candidates: Founder

ParentsVoice BC to run slate of candidates in Kelowna wanting to ‘take back our schools’

ParentsVoice BC aims to elect school board candidates in 10 B.C. districts

ParentsVoice candidates a no-show at Vernon school district debate

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