Rob Anderson (Elections for Change)
❌ not elected

Karine Bordua (Elections for Change)
❌ not elected

Adam Noseworthy (Elections for Change)
❌ not elected

Maria Powers (Elections for Change)
❌ not elected

Rob was the People’s Party of Canada’s 2021 candidate for Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke.

School trustee (SD 62)

Murielle Lagace (Elections for Change)
❌ not elected

Candace Linde (Elections for Change)
❌ not elected

Veronica Pemberton (Elections for Change)
❌ not elected

Philip Ney
❌ not elected

Philip is not part of the Elections for Change slate, but he does aim to “lessen student identity confusion” and is anti-abortion. He campaigned on a far-right antivaxx/COVID disinformation Rumble channel.

The Bella Marcella

The Bella Marcella is Marcella Desjarlais, aka Marcella Williams, and organizer for Stand United.

Stand United rallies around COVID conspiracy theories and the usual far-right talking points. Their rallies regularly include transphobia, including delightful songs like “boys have peepees and girls have vajayjays” (because the world will literally end if children learn proper names for their body parts). They platform people like anti-Semitic holocaust denier and elementary school science failure Chris Sky and disinformation specialist Daniel Nagase. Stand United organized regular Media is the Virus rallies, such as the event that held downtown Vancouver hostage and harassed Vancouver hospitals on February 5, 2022. Marcella was the 2021 People’s Party of Canada candidate for Burnaby South. Currently, Stand United is serving fake legal documents (“notice of liability”) to scare and harass BC pharmacists, health care providers, city councils, and other who support vaccinations or public health measures. This is the Stand United crew:

The guy with bad veneers is Chris Sky. Here he is talking about the “Rothschilds,” a deeply anti-Semitic conspiracy.

Later that day (September 19, 2022, to be exact), his supports explaining why this is correct…using a neo-Nazi website. Nice.

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