Township of Langley


Stephen Dinesen (Elevate Langley)
❌ not elected

Stephen is a fan of convoys, supports BC’s very own Christofascist leader Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, thinks COVID is a lie (that can also be cured by God), and shares COVID vaccine disinformation from the Disinformation Dozen‘s Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Stephen was endorsed by Freedom Rally World organizer Danielle Kinchella-Pistilli alongside a horrifically transphonic Vancouver school trustee candidate and a member of Action4Canada running for Vancouver city council.

Alex Joehl ❌ not elected

Alex is another libertarian (anarcho-capitalist, really) who benefits from state public health efforts (i.e. clean drinking water, health care, safety regulations in many facets of life) while he argues that asking people to do their part during a pandemic is tyranny. He ran for the BC Libertarian Party twice (2017 and 2020), which is the party that marched around downtown Vancouver with hate groups like No New Normal, Masks Over Hugs, and Action4Canada.

School trustee (SD 35)

Neil Turner ❌ not elected

Neil does not support SOGI education.

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