TEAM for a Livable Vancouver has been promoting itself through Victory Canada, a convoy/freedom groups that platforms some really awful people. They aren’t the only candidates on this list, but you can jump straight to Why Team


Colleen Hardwick (TEAM) ❌ not elected


Jeremy MacKenzie ❌ not elected

Cleta Brown (TEAM) ❌ not elected

Sean Nardi (TEAM) ❌ not elected

Param Nijjar (TEAM) ❌ not elected

Grace Quan (TEAM) ❌ not elected

Stephen Roberts (TEAM) ❌ not elected

Bill Tieleman (TEAM) ❌ not elected

Jeremy is related to the violently anti-LGBTQ2S+ (also racist and pro-life) organization (which pivoted to COVID disinformation and conspiracies) Action4Canada.

School trustee (SD 39)

Zelda Levine ❌ not elected

Amanda Tengco ❌ not elected

Karin Litzche ❌ not elected

Ashley Vaughan (NPA) ❌ not elected

Matiul Alam (TEAM) ❌ not elected

Zelda: Transphobia.

Amanda: Transphobia.

Karin: Transphobia.

Ashley is endorsed by disgraced radio DJ-turned-far right podcaster Kid Carson.

Park board

Tricia Barker (TEAM) ❌ not elected

Kathleen Larsen (TEAM) ❌ not elected

Michelle Mollineaux (TEAM) ❌ not elected

James Buckshon (TEAM) ❌ not elected

Patrick Audley (TEAM) ❌ not elected

Kumi Kimura (TEAM) ❌ not elected


TEAM has been hanging out with Victory Canada, a convoy/freedom organization.

Victory Canada supports anti-Semitic holocaust denier and public health failure Chris Sky. They also promoted individuals like Charles Hoffe and Stephen Malthouse, who participated in Doctors on Tour, which was led by the Canadian Voters Association and Frontline Canada, which was organized by Kari Simpson, who also led Culture Guard, which is yet another violently transphobic and homophobic Christofascist organization that flipped to COVID denialism, vaccines and public health mandates when the pandemic started. Further, Victory Canada is also led by Rick Thomas, who likes to write books with anti-Semitic dogwhistles.

The Doctors on Tour doctors are now Justice for the Vaccinated, which is ending their current tour on October 7, 2022 at a Stand United event meant to harass the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons where Maxime Bernier is the guest speaker. You know Stand United thanks to their Media is the Virus rally that terrorized downtown Vancouver on February 5, 2022. You also know them because Stand United crew member Justin Gordon wants to hang Prime Minister Trudeau (photo from an event on May 24, 2022).

And once again, the People’s Party of Canada is more than a minor part of the story. Stand United is organized by Marcella Desjarlais, ak.a. Marcella Williams, who ran for the PPC in 2021 for Burnaby South, and thinks journalists should be put to death.

Ultimately, we have to ask:

Why is a municipal party associating themselves with such organizations and individuals?

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